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Fly Alliance’s team and management came together to change the way private aviation was handled, we have set the new standard with our experience. Between our management and directors our clients have flown over 100,000 flight hours, dispatched over 50,000 flight legs, serviced over 1,000 Jet Card members and have facilitated over 150 aircraft transactions.


Safety. At Fly Alliance, safety is more than just a box to be checked. Safety is the very foundation of the company. Commitment to safety is upheld by all from our frontline workers to senior management. That’s our promise to you.

People. Fly Alliance’s team of experts excel in the areas of business, critical thinking, decision making, general aviation and focus on the customer. We have a specific strategy in place to ensure thorough customer satisfaction and growth.

Service. Here at Fly Alliance we are committed to setting the new standard. Our focus on personalized customer service, responsiveness and communication creates a winning combination that sets us a notch above our competitors. We understand that our customers have a choice when it comes to booking a private flight, and we want to thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

Our key management members adopt a top-down philosophy to ensure that all systems and direct reports are working efficiently and to maximize potential. It is paramount that our Sales, Flight Support, Sourcing and Operations teams are all operating intrinsically. Our common goal is and always will be Onward & Upward!

Kevin Wargo


Christopher Tasca

President & Co-Founder

Eddie Silva

Chief Operating Officer

Snowden S. Hernandez

Vice President of Sales & Partner

Joe Santo

Sales Director | Partner

Chris Colbath

President & Director of Maintenance

Wendy Wargo

Executive Director

Ivan Francisco

Director of Operations

Nick Cazaropoul

Director of Business Development

Corey Mazner

Chief Pilot

Michael Schrader

Assistant Chief Pilot

Mark Pippin

Latitude Lead

Edward Heick

Director of Safety

Bob Gasko

Assistant Director of Operations

Thomas Sievers

Director of Charter Sales

Ethan Pohlar

Assistant Director of Safety

Tim Byrd

XLS / Hawker Lead

Alex Ursuti

Director of Training

Marcello Rubano

Sales Advisor

Tyler Brousseau

Sr. Sales Associate

Corey Sullivan

Sales Associate

Mitchell Lotufo

Sales Associate

Connor Manning

Sales Development Representative

Cameron Berl

Sales Associate

Chandler Wyman

Sales Associate

Maxwell Waite

Sales Associate

William Bailey

Director of Training

Johnny Corral

Sales Associate

Samantha Nunez

OCC Manager

Angelica Garcia

OCC Manager

Margarita Ambra-Perez

Crew Scheduling Manager

Victoria Ferreira

Support Supervisor & Executive Manager

Rachael Robinson

Executive Manager

Camron Phillips

Manager of Owner Relations

Manny Perez-Reyes

Parts Manager

Pat Marano

Parts & Sales Manager

Erin Jones

HR Director

Pablo Vegas

Director of Finance

Yuichi Shigetani  

OPF Maintenance Supervisor

Steven Szefler 

Part Sales Supervisor

Jonathan Harvison

Maintenance Supervisor

Brian Whittredge

Director of Maintenance

Louis Bauer

Assistant Director of Maintenance

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