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Wendy Wargo

Executive Director

Wendy Wargo has been an integral part of Fly Alliance from its inception, and she officially joined full time two years ago. With a remarkable 12 years of experience working alongside Kevin behind the scenes in aviation, Wendy is a seasoned professional in the industry.

Wendy holds both an undergraduate and master’s degree in Education from Liberty University. In her current role as Director at Fly Alliance, she oversees and works closely with departments such as Recruiting, Human Resources, Training, and Marketing, ensuring the company’s smooth operations.

Wendy’s true passion lies in setting up and participating in aviation shows and events. She takes pride in representing Fly Alliance and its brand, and she is dedicated to special projects that enhance customer and employee experiences. Drawing from her educational background, Wendy enjoys collaborating with the training department to facilitate the onboarding of new pilots, witnessing the success of employees both on the flight line and in the office.

In her personal life, Wendy finds joy in spending time with her husband, Kevin, and their two boys. Her favorite family activity is engaging in water sports, and she takes immense pleasure in watching her boys play soccer, creating cherished family memories.

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