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Michael Schrader

Assistant Chief Pilot

Mike Schrader, who has been with Fly Alliance for the past 7 months, boasts an impressive 27-year career in aviation. He is an alum of Dowagiac Union High School and currently serves as the Assistant Chief Pilot at Fly Alliance, where his responsibilities encompass a wide range of crucial tasks.

What captivates Mike most about aviation is the blend of challenges it presents and the endless opportunities for traveling. The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the industry keeps him inspired. As a pilot, he has the privilege of flying both the Hawker and G4 aircraft, an experience that never fails to ignite his passion for the skies.

Beyond his professional commitments, Mike is deeply committed to promoting aviation safety and sustainability. It’s a cause he holds close to his heart, striving to make the aviation industry safer and more environmentally responsible for generations to come.

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