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Louis Bauer

Assistant Director of Maintenance

Louis Bauer, with 10 months of dedicated service, brings 23 years of aviation experience to the Fly Alliance team. He is a proud alumnus of the National Aviation Academy and currently holds the esteemed position of Assistant Director of Maintenance at Fly Alliance, where his role is both dynamic and pivotal.

What truly excites Louis about aviation is the fast-paced nature of the industry, where every day presents new and unique challenges. He thrives on making tough decisions and enjoys the dynamic interaction between different work groups, all working together to ensure the safe and timely departure of aircraft. He also has a peculiar love for the unmistakable smell of jet exhaust, a sensory connection to his aviation career.

Although he doesn’t fly himself, Louis has other passions outside of aviation. He is an accomplished Chef and takes great pleasure in the culinary arts. Additionally, he enjoys the simple indulgence of a good pedicure, finding relaxation and rejuvenation in this self-care ritual.

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