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Chandler Wyman

Sales Associate

Chandler Wyman, with 2.5 years of dedicated service, contributes 3 years of valuable aviation experience to the Fly Alliance team. Chandler is an alumnus of Flagler College and currently serves as a Sales Associate at the company.

Chandler finds the aviation industry captivating because no two days are ever the same; it’s always an adventure. His enthusiasm for the dynamic nature of the field is a driving force in his work.

While he may not be a pilot, if Chandler had the opportunity, he dreams of piloting an F22 Raptor, a powerful and iconic aircraft. Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, he made a move to Florida in 2017 to attend Flagler College. In his free time, Chandler enjoys pursuing his interests in golfing, fishing, and traveling, adding a sense of adventure to his personal life.

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