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Angelica Garcia

OCC Manager

With a decade immersed in aviation, Anjelica Garcia has dedicated the past two years to Fly Alliance, where she serves as the Operational Control Center Manager.

In her role, Anjelica orchestrates the intricate dance of aviation operations, ensuring smooth coordination and efficiency. Her journey reflects a profound commitment to the industry’s nuances, navigating challenges with seasoned precision.

When asked about her passion for aviation, Anjelica’s response captures the essence of the field’s unpredictability. Each day brings a new adventure, sometimes a bit chaotic, but undeniably thrilling.

Anjelica Garcia embodies a decade of experience, dedication, and a love for the unpredictable nature of aviation. As the Operational Control Center Manager, she not only manages the complexities of the skies but revels in the ever-evolving adventure that defines her journey in the aviation industry.

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